A Day Late…

Congratulations to Victoria Tugolukova for her 2nd place finish in Senior Ladies at the Central Pacific Regional Championships! She is going on to the Pacific Coast Sectional Championships which take place November 15-19 in Salt Lake City, UT!

Regionals is the first of the qualifying competitions that lead to Nationals, and then the World Championships (or Olympics during an Olympic year). The structure for qualifying competitions is Regionals > Sectionals > Nationals > World Championships (or Junior Worlds below Senior level). There are three regions in each sections, and three sections in the country. Vica is in the Central Pacific Region, which is part of the Pacific Coast Sections, along with the Southwest Pacific and Northwest Pacific Regions.

October 14-23 – No Ice at UOO

Due to the Short Track World Cup event, there will be no ice at the oval. I am currently working on rescheduling lessons for freestyle times at other rinks (primarily Cottonwood Heights). I have a tentative calendar up, but it is not gospel, as I have not confirmed times with everyone yet. Anything listed as a “freestyle” means I plan to be there, but don’t have any students scheduled.