Just a quick note: the schedules are posted for Oktoberfest on the entryeeze website, so make sure to check them. Also, the new freestyle schedules for the oval and county are posted on their respective sites.

I am now also on staff staff at the county ice center, so I will be coaching there a bit more, but it should not impact my schedule at the oval.

July Freestyle Schedule

The July freestyle schedule has been posted for the Oval. You’ll notice we’ve gotten some new morning sessions for the next couple weeks. These are a nice touch for summer. Please utilize them if you can – the more we utilize our freestyles, the more likely we are to keep/get more. Always be sure to sign in at the front desk when you do come skate, so that proper credit is noted for use.

July 2012 Freestyle Schedule

Skate Salt Lake Deadline

Skate Salt Lake will take place on August 9-11 at the County Ice Center in Murray. The application deadline is this Friday, July 6. Entries must be postmarked by this date. There does not appear to be an online entry option. Please come talk to me if you are interested in participating in this competition.

Application Form: 2012_SSL_Announcement FINAL

Calendar Update

I have updated the calendar for April to cover most lessons while the Oval is out. Please review it for any changes.

I will need to reschedule the lessons for Saturday, April 14, however. I will talk to each of you that is affected to arrange for alternate times next week. As always you can text, call, or email me with any concerns.

Revised April Schedule

If your name isn’t on this list, then your lesson time isn’t changing. Please tell me if the new time/place will work.



Saturday, at Murray:

Divany & Nicole, 8am

Saturday, at Acord:

Mindy, 11am

April Schedule

So here is the preliminary lesson schedule for April:

Monday, at Murray:

Kaydee, 5pm (4:30-5:30 FS)

Wednesday, at Cottonwood Heights:

Mindee, 4:30 (4:00-5:00 FS)

Nicole and Divany, 5:00 & 5:30

Thursday, at Murray:

Marissa, 4:30pm

Kaydee, 5:00pm

Saturday, at Acord:

Kristyn, 10:00am

Sami, 10:30am

Please let me know ASAP if these times will not work for you. Thanks for being flexible while the ice is out at the Oval!

Upcoming Competitions

We are getting close to the new competitive season, and there are several upcoming competitions that are good options:

  • May 21: Reach for the Peaks – Provo, UT
  • June 15-16: Skatefest – West Valley City, UT
  • July 12-14: Copper Cup – Bountiful, UT